SOA on to API, on to Microservices?

We all have a past

Posted by Romina Liuzzi on March 13, 2015

I also have a past: I gave technical assistance (and sometimes moral support) to Web Services clients. During this time I learned two very valuable lessons:

  1. A contract is more serious than a marriage
  2. Legacy services are like Chuck Norris, chances are they simply won't die

So I learned to develop, use, troubleshoot and live with these services.

By that time WS were far from trendy and not cool enough to be regarded as "vintage". Back then the world (read: google, fb, twitter) was taking about REST APIs and of course we dived in. I learned that with REST APIs it is all about the model and if is consistent your life is much easier.

Now I am an Android developer so I am both provider and consumer of these services.

  1. A contract is still more serious than a marriage
  2. It is more hurtful breaking your own client
  3. Entity: To be or not be, with REST this truly is the question.
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    Microservices bells are ringing and I can only assume it will get messy before it gets fancy ;D. No pain, no gain.