Those who talk about technology

Posted by Zzivi on January 23, 2015

Ok, so broad as it sounds: we talk about technology. On a normal day, during breakfast we run through frameworks, libraries, tools, APIs, apps, meetups, TEDs, hackathons, events and ... occasionally mention football.

Then we go back to work and live the normal developer life, which (lets admit it) is frustrating. There are potential fight triggers all around: a proxy change, an expired certificate, a stacks limit exceeded exception, failing acceptance tests, or an assortment of many other stupid things that might (and will) go wrong eventually.

I confess I get upset when things don’t work, and unfortunately things don’t always go smoothly. Luckily we both learn along the way. For instance, I learned my boyfriend is not responsible for everything that will potentially go wrong during a User Story. He is actually pretty damn good at what he does! He, on the other hand, learned that I am very demanding and I always expect 11 out of 10, and thath makes him more demanding as well. So we both rock!

Which brings us back to the beginning, we talk about technology shaped into a marital argument. A developer and a DevOps engineer that must get along because they are simply made for each other.

Enjoy our technological “fights”!!